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Dark Desires (Yandere!Video Game!Character x Reader) – Chapter 1 [ERROR!]

Chapter 1 – [ERROR!]

I look at the options. Neither one interests me. I click the 'X' on the right corner.
The screen went black suddenly. 
'WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!!' My computer screen lights up with red text. What the-?! What's happening?? I try to shut the computer down but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Then a white text appears on the screen.
'You really thought you would escape?'
'Why didn't you choose me?'
'This would have been easier for both of us...'
Suddenly my computer turns white, the light blinding me. I feel a pulling sensation and to my horror I'm sucked  inside the computer. 
When I open my eyes I see that I'm not in my room anymore. Terrified I look around and try to make sense of this. I can't be inside the game, that's impossible. But how else is this possible!? Everywhere I look I can see the design of the game. Then a thought pops into my head. I look at myself and scream. This is impossible! I-I can't be...! How...? I start to hyperventilate. No- I can't breath! Then a hand touches my shoulder. I didn't almost notice.
"[Name]." I turn around and see Orion standing beside me. 
"I-I can't-!" I try to say but my words won't come out. Then Orion does the unexpected. He takes me in his embrace surprising me. 
"Breath in. Exhale out." He starts to repeat those words calming me down. When my breath finally goes evenly Orion let's me go and smiles. 
"T-Thanks." Orion looks surprised. 
"I-I didn't do anything special." He says blushing and looking at the ground. 
"No, you really helped me out. I don't know what have I done if you weren't here." I say smiling. Orion looks at me shocked. His cheeks are red as he opens and closes his mouth. 
"I-I-I... Y-You..." I furrow my brows, not understanding what he tries to say. 
"Orion-" I'm about to ask what's wrong when Orion's eyes fill with tears. 
"I'm sorry. It's has been so long since someone has been nice to me. I'm pathetic, right?" I then remember what his classmates said about him.
'Classmate1: Why is that weirdo with the new kid?' He must had it hard way...
"Orion, you're not pathetic." I say smiling. I hug him until his tears dry down. 
"Thank you." He whispers and hugs me back. 
"What are you two doing here? School has ended already." Someone says from the distance. I'm about to look who it is when Orion stopped me. Orion holds my head on his chest and then says: "W-We were just leaving. See you tomorrow." Orion smiles and starts to pull me towards the exit.
"That was close..." Orion mumbles after we are outside. 
"What do you mean?" I ask frowning.
"Nothing you need to be worried about." Orion says smiling eyes closed. 
 "I can take you home now, I mean, if you want to." 
"You can do that??" Orion looks at me weirdly.
"Yeah, where do you live?" 
"I mean the real world! Out of this game." Suddenly Orion starts to laugh. 
 "What are you laughing at?" I ask confused. Orion wipes his eyes his laugh ceasing.
"You shouldn't joke like that."
"I'm not joking!" I shout frustrated.
"Stop it already, where do you live?" He asks smiling. I look at him my face pale. He doesn't know.
"I-I don't...know." Orion looks at me worried.
"You don't...know?" Orion looks confused say the least. 
"Well, then we have a problem. " He says serious. 
 "Do you have your phone?"
"My phone?"
"You could call your parents and ask them." I look through my pockets but can't find it. I don't have a backpack and don't remember bringing one. 
"I-I can't find it!" I say panicking. Orion is quiet thinking for a while.
"Th-This sounds weird but if you want you can come to my house." Orion says blushing. There isn't really any other choice and Orion seems the least dangerous character of the choices. Maybe I won't get killed if I agree to go. After making my decision, I look at Orion and smile. 
"Thanks, I'll appreciate that. If I'm not a hindrance to you then I gladly accept your offer." Orion smiles and we start to walk towards his home.
 "What about your parents?" I ask curiously. 
"T-They aren't at home at the moment", Orion says quietly looking at the ground, "They are in a business-trip." 
"Oh." Great [Name]! You don't sound like a jerk at all! 
 "I'm sorry, I didn't meant to be rude."
"Nah. It's okay." Orion smiles happily.
"If you say so..."
"And were here!" I look at the house in front of me my jaw dropping. This is not what I expected.
"Y-You live here?" I say looking at the mansion my eyes wide open. 
"Is it bad?"
"N-No, not at all, I'm just surprised." I say looking at Orion my cheeks flushed. 
"Let's go in then." He says smiling. We go inside and Orion leads the way to his room.
"I would get lost here if I lived here." I say laughing.
"It gets easier after living here for a couple of months." Orion chuckles. 
 "Here we are!" Orion says after walking for a while. I look at the room curiously. In the room there are bed, desk, TV, and a few shelves. The room is big but comfy. 
"You have a nice room..." I say looking at the distant. My room... I wonder if anyone notices my absent. I live alone so probably no one. 
"[Name], are you okay?" Maybe this is just a dream. 
"You are crying."
"Wha- I didn't notice."
"It's okay, [Name]. Everything will be alright." Orion says softly and takes me in his embrace. 
"Thanks..." We stand there for a couple of minutes just hugging. After I calmed down Orion leaves to get us something to eat. I went through his video games absent-mindedly. After a while I come to a realization that I don't recognize any game there is. Maybe I  just don't know them... I push the weird feeling away and focus my attention to somewhere else. This is just a dream anyways.
"[Name], I bought some sandwiches." Orion says and comes inside the room. I thank him and we start to eat. 
"What did you put in these? These taste really good!" But how can I taste this inside a dream?
"I'm glad you like them." Suddenly I hear a voice inside my head. But darling, you're not dreaming. So I do the only logical thing you can do after hearing something as creepy as that. I flinch and dash to Orion's lap hugging him. 
"What was that!?" I ask scared. 
"What do you mean?" 
"That voice!"
"Calm down, I didn't hear anything." Orion says his face puzzled. 
"Wha-? Then what did I....?" I ask confused.
"You're probably just tired. I'll make you a bed so you can go to sleep."
"Don't leave me, please." I say grabbing his hand. Orion looks surprised.
"Well, do you want to come with me then?"
"Yeah." We leave the room and go through the maze-like hallway. What was that voice? It sounded so creepy.
"Do you want to sleep on guestroom or in my room?"
"If it's alright then in your room." 
"Okay." Orion says happily. After Orion made a bed for me I decided to go to sleep. Maybe the voice would go away after good nights sleep. At least I hope so.

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