perjantai 13. toukokuuta 2016

Tear Drops – Prologue


(Aiko's pov)

I look outside. There sits Nagito Komaeda. I remember the first time I saw him. He probably has already forgotten, but I held the memory dear. My own little secret.

I followed him after school as usual. This was dangerous, I knew that. But I couldn't deny the excitement that followed afterwards. It thrilled me. I could feel it in my fingertips.

I have been emotionless from as far as I can remember. Well, that was until I met Nagito Komaeda. I've been able to feel strange emotions. They are pretty strong and when they first appeared, I was really confused. I don't have any idea why this was happening to me so suddenly. All I knew was that they appeared when ever I was near him. So I continued to get as close as I could without getting caught.

After Komaeda was at his house I went to home. When I arrived at home I closed the door shut locking it. Mother and father weren't at home as usual. I would sleep at the house alone today too. I went to kitchen and passed the empty halls my footsteps echoing on the walls. Now, alone at the empty house, I started to feel the emptiness inside me again. In the kitchen I grab a toast and a glass of orange juice. After eating I go up to my room. I lay on the bed for hours. My thoughts run around Komaeda. His laugh... His smile... Everything about him excites me. But I can't surely let him know about me. Not someone like me. I have been near him. But I can't take the risk that he would notice me. That would be the end of my world. I hug my pillow looking for some sort of comfort. When I started following Komaeda with my gaze, it started just like that: A glance over here, a look over there. But when I get brave enough I started to follow him in school. I would follow him to the library, school yard and after some time, to his house. One day I noticed that we lived in the same direction. After that I have followed him. I'm satisfied to my role. I don't need more. This is good enough.

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