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Love Story – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Questions

I stand there quiet. I don't really belong to this family. I have always thought that they acted around me differently but I never thought I wasn't part of the family. I remember those years when I tried to fit in. Getting good grades and always did as I was told. Did they really hate me? And if they are not my parents who are? I feel sick as it hits me. My real parents never wanted me.

"I go to my room." I ran away to my room as my suppose to be parents watch me silently. I feel empty. If it's true... I don't even know how to continue my life now. I look at the window. The sun is setting. Should I really be here? I thought about my opinions. There isn't really much I could do. I don't have enough money to rent an apartment. I look at my hands. I feel disgusted. Nobody really wants me, huh? But then Damon's face pops into my head. I have to know what he wants from me. Ironic isn't it? Only one who shows me interest wants probably eat me. I look at the trees. They swing in the wind. It's like earth is breathing slowly. I wrap my arms around my legs and set my head on my feet. Maybe I just disappear if I sit quietly and don't make a sound.

A tapping on my window wakes me up from my slumber and I look up to see Damon behind my window waving his hand to me. I open the window and Damon comes in.

"What are you doing here? Don't you dare wake my parents attention." I fall silent as I think what I should call my parents now. Should I really call them my parents or Mr. and Mrs. Fray or something?

"What's now? What happened?" Should I tell Damon?

"I- I don't really belong to this family. My real parents... left me. They never wanted me Damon." I look at Damon's ice blue eyes with my grey ones silently asking for help. Tears starts to fall down my cheeks as I breakdown.

"Shh. Everything's going to be alright." he says as he sways me to the sleep.
Next morning I wake up in Damon's arms.

"You didn't do anything weird, right?"

"What do you mean weird?"

"... Never mind. Would you answer me in a view questions?"


"... What do you want from me?" Damon looks at me seriously before answering.

"I don't really want anything from you. Just to be friends." He smiles.

"So no alternative motives? Why did you then safe me? And I mean the car-accident too. You were there."

"I don't know..." Damon looks to the side and keeps quiet as I study his features.

"Fine. No motives. If that's the case I wanna thank you. You saved me more then one time. Even from myself." I smile a little as Damon's ice blue eyes shine. Maybe he just did what felt right to do. Without noticing it himself.

"You now consider about being friends with me?" Damon says hopefully smiling.

"We'll see that." I say smirking and get up from Damon's arms. Maybe it's not that bad idea after all.

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