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Infection – Chapter 1

"I'll protect you from the monsters, [Name]~! You just have to say the words~!"

You were just a normal 18 year old waiting to be married to your fiancé. Everything was perfect. At least for your parents, it is. But when all Hell broke lose, you were left all alone in a world where for you to survive you had to trust yourself in hands of a young man who claimed to be your only ally.

It's year XXIII. Result of a backfired experiment, a deadly infection has spread trough the world. The disease makes the vectors lose themselves to a horrific monster. You are one of the few survivals and the only human you knew other that you were that psycho.

(Yandere x Noble!Reader)

Chapter 1 – Destruction


I looked at myself from the mirror. I looked miserable, say the least. Today would be the day when I would be hampered to a man I didn't know. I haven't even met the guy before! The marriage was only for political benefits, it didn't matter who would I marry as long as it would guarantee the future. My opinion wasn't important. Actually no one cared about my opinion. Can you really call this living? 

Too soon the servant come in. We left the room and started to walk towards the front doors. The ceremony was held on the Pavilion. It was a large white building in middle of the city. It was see-through, the walls were made of glass. It is a beautiful building but now it just reminds me of my future with a stranger. We arrived to the vehicle. My mother was already inside and when she saw me, she gave me that fake smile of hers. 

"[Name], you look fascinating." 

"Thank you mother." 

"Remember to behave as I have taught you. Modest and respectful. Don't ruin this." 

"Yes, mother." The vehicle started to rise slowly. Soon we would be at the Pavilion. I wish everyone would just disappear. 

After the short ride we were at the Pavilion. Servant opened the door and I hopped out of the vehicle. 

"[Name], elegantly!" My mother hisses. I don't listen and started to walk towards the doors. Mother comes after me running. Impressive, may I add, with those heels of hers. They were the highest heels I've ever seen. The ceremony was about to start. Only 5 minutes anymore. I was getting nervous. Calm down. Maybe he isn't that bad? 

"[Name], it's time." A servant says suddenly. I'm not ready... How would I? I walk the aisle just like mother wanted. Elegantly and preciously. I'm doing this for them, I remind myself. When I'm finally at the end of the aisle, I turn around to face my fiancé. He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks quite handsome but the perfect picture ruins his bored expression. He takes a look at my appearance. He didn't seem impressed. But then something picked my attention. It was a noise from outside. I looked around confused. What was that?

"Today we're gathered here to bring [Name] [Surname] and Aidan Nicolay together." The Pastor started the ceremony. Maybe I'm just tired. Suddenly a horrific screech slice through the air. People started to panic. A ripple of conversation started.

"What was that?" I heard someone say. Then all hell broke lose. I heard screaming coming from the outside followed by that horrific shriek. It sounded awful. It was like some animal. But animal can't sound like that. What I saw next turned my blood cold. Outside there were people running away from something that looked like human but clearly wasn't. And there were more of them. What I could see from here they were pretty ugly. They had torn clothes and they walked hunched. I went closer to the glass wall to see them better. What were they? In some odd sense I was curious. 

"[Name]!" My father yelled from the distance. One of the monstrous being come closer to me and looked at me. Now, up close, I could see that it had yellow eyes, black circles under them and it mouth hung open. It had torn face, blood scattered all over it. Someone has bit her. Suddenly an arm pulled me away from the thing. The creature started to bang the wall with its hands. 

"Do you want to get yourself killed?!" My father yells in panic. I have never seen my father panic before. 

"What are they?" I ask wondering. 

"What ever they are, doesn't matter right now. We have to get out of here. Now." He says trying to stay calm. The guests are all panicking as more of those creatures comes to bang the glass wall. Soon the glass shatters to pieces. Father leads me to some room hurriedly. I look behind me and see that the monster-like things start to eat our guests. I gasp shocked. In the room father starts to pull on some wall and to my surprise the wall starts to move slowly. 

"Hurry! We don't have much time!" I went to the hiding place. It doesn't have much room to move around. 

"What about you?" I ask panicking. Father gives me a sad smile.

"I love you, [Name]." He says as he's closing the wall.

"Wait! Father!" I yell tears in my eyes. Then I saw one of the monsters come behind father.

"Look out!" But it was too late. The thing bit him on the shoulder. Father yelled in pain. The thing tore a piece of fathers shoulder and ate it. I cried more as father's shoulder started to bleed. Father pushed the wall and left me in darkness. 

"Father!! Open the wall!" I cried banging the wall. But the wall didn't budge. So I was left alone. I heard every scream and the howl. Slowly the cries stopped and only thing left was silence. 

I hold my breath. I was crying heavily. It's quiet. The screams stopped about six hours ago. Or I think it was six hours ago. There isn't any clock here. Only some food and blankets. I can't...! Th-They killed father. Just in front of me too. 

"Am I too late?" Someone muttered aloud. There was someone! 

"I-I'm here! Pl-Please help me." I say as loud as I can. I hear some footsteps coming closer to my hiding place. The wall opened and I saw a man with black hair and green eyes smiling at me. He reaches out his hand and takes me out of the hiding place. At the floor lays my fathers corpse. Or what's left of it. I start to tremble. Suddenly I'm in a hug.

"It's okay. The freaks are gone." He says letting me go. He smiled a kind smile. 

"Freaks?" I ask confused. 

"Yeah. Those things that almost killed everyone." He says cheerily. I stay quiet for a while and just look at him.

"Oh, but don't worry, I'm now here. I'll protect you." He says smiling eyes closed. 

"U-Um... May I ask your name?" I ask.

"Oh, my name is Ethan West." The name sounded familiar. I just can't remember where. 

"So, um, Ethan. Do you know what's happening?" 

"Do you know about VEP?" I nod my head 'yes'. VEP's laboratory wasn't very far away from the Pavilion. "They did an experiment which went horribly wrong. They created a virus by accident. A virus that turns people into freaks, so to say. The virus spread quickly and is currently spreading around the Athmos. All media is closed because of the attack. I don't think there is anyone alive anymore. Well, beside us, that's it." 

"What you mean?" I looked terrified at Ethan. He can't mean that.

"I mean that we really are the only ones left in this city. I have tried to contact police force, but to no avail." I look shocked at Ethan his words sinking in. 

"B-But what about the military? They should...!" But Ethan just shakes his head 'no'. Everyone is dead... My father... He... I look at the corpse in front of me. I collapse on the floor my legs giving in. Ethan hurries to my side. 

"[Name]!" How does he know my name? I'm about to ask when something pulls me away from the reality. Great. I'm about to pass out. The last thing I see before passing out is Ethan's bright green eyes. They are very pretty actually.

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