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Reader in Wonderland – Prologue

Berry: Hello my lovely readers~! I noticed that there isn't that many stories about reader x Blood Dupre or like that so I decided to make one! Hope you enjoy, with love StrawBerryBerry.

And for you who maybe are interested, the characters personality is taken from me 'cause my personality is weird. An 'Alice' who isn't a little crazy isn't fun right? ;) Sorry for the weird personality if you can't really get it. Let's go mad!

Reader in Wonderland


My name is [Name], 16 year old girl from the East side of London. I live with my dad in typical London house where I have my own room on the second floor. Sounds pretty normal, huh? But that's not all. I lost my mother when I was young and I have some memories from that time when we all lived together in this house. I miss my mom but I'm okay with it by now so you shouldn't pity me. 'Cause that's not the reason for this. Or that's a part of it I suppose but I'ts not the thing I mean. No, the thing I mean is that I am maybe a little crazy. Well, not really crazy but I'm little different from the others. And yes, I know what you are going to say, 'every teenage girl and boy thinks that she or he is abnormal and that's normal for this age'. But is it normal when your personality is moving from one to another? Not like what you may think but more kind of 'slip personality' with out the many personalities apart but all in one and when there is some personality tests, you can't really choose one when almost all the answers match to you; is it what you should do in this and that situation or just that are you shy or brave. It may sound difficult and even I don't myself understand it, but if that is what it's supposed to be like, then I agree with you and I'm more normal than I think. But with all that you have heard, am I that normal?

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