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Reader in Wonderland – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 -Down the Rabbit Hole

It was a normal Friday morning as I was in the bus on my way to the school. I was listening my favorite song for this day from my mp3-player. It's going to be sunny day. It was quiet and I sit alone on my seat number 23, my usual seat. I think I go to library today. In the school every body ignores me like I'm nothing. That's the usual so I don't really mind. But I do have friends, from the fact how unsocial I am.

"[Name], good morning! What are we going to watch on weekend? Kuroshitsuji? Durarara? Or do you want to read instead? Or play?"

"Calm down Mei. We can probably do all that what you said. We have whole house for us, when my dad is on work trip or something." Again.

"I can't wait! It's so fun to have sleepover and watch anime, read manga and etc. When will you go home?"

"I think I go to library before I go to home so I text you when I'm ready, ok?"

"Yes, sir!" I would seem like a cold person but after we're alone, I'm even more hyper than Mei and I talk a lot. But I can't say that this is just a mask I'm wearing. Is it the cold or the warm one. Classes went as usual. People avoiding me and I on my peace. When I get to the library, my phone rang and I saw a message from Mei. ' I'm sorry, I can't go 'cause something came up. I'll text you later.'I feel a little disappointed. I think it's usually me who get so exited after all. So it's again just me, huh? I head to the shelf where I know I can find what I'm looking for. There it is. Alice in Wonderland. My favorite book when I was child. I still can't understand why Alice wanted to leave so much from there. It would be nice to escape reality for once. When I was now right front of the original book I remembered the manga Mei lend to me in the lunch break. My favorite. I search from my back and took the manga in front of me. Heart no kuni no Alice. This was the first manga I read and the reason why I love manga and anime so much right now. I think I was 13 when I get to know this. And when my crush on Blood Dupre started.I have to shut my mind. But that's the truth. Well, that's what's expected from a lonely teenage girl. Probably. I start to read the manga but can't seem to focus on the story at all. I look at the sky wondering what to do now that Mei won't come. I took the manga and went to borrow the book. I walk to the bus. My mind is a mess. I wasn't sad but I was lonely. I don't really want to be alone in that house. If only I could go to the Wonderland instead of Alice. Everybody would like me and I wouldn't have to be alone. And Blood would be there.

As I was walking the road that went to my home, I saw something that stopped me on that spot. There in front of me was a giant hole. W-Who did this?! Good thing I didn't fell in it. It looks pretty deep. As I was wondering who would do this I heard a voice behind me. Before I could turn around and look who was there someone pushed me on to that hole. I screamed as I fell. I tried to get hold of anything that would safe me from the certain death that waited me down there.

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