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Love Story – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Rescuing the princess

(Lily's pov)

I sit in the kitchen as my family comes home from where ever they were.

"Lily? You weren't..." my mom say surprised.

"No I wasn't. Thank you for your concern."

"I'm so sorry honey. We went to eat out. In the fridge there's..."

"There's nothing in the fridge. I already checked. And because I'm hungry I'm going out."

"Um, okay. Don't be out too late." I go to outside and into the car. I drive out of the yard and make my way to the town. It's already dark and as I drive I didn't notice the deer which is coming right next to me. The next seconds are my life longest. I try to dodge the deer, which you shouldn't do, and drive right into the tree. There is a loud crash and I almost lose my consciousness. The minutes pass as I try to understand what happened and what should I do now. I see blood everywhere — In front of the car and on my lap. I'm bleeding but I can't feel anything. I look outside. I'm looking straight at deer's head. I start to shake. There is dark. No one never drives this road. I'm all alone. I didn't even took my phone with me when I left. I shouldn't have driven when I was angry. Then I lose my consciousness. I hear someone trying to talk to me and wake me up. Slowly I open my eyes and see those ice blue eyes.

"Lily, try to stay awake. I'm going to help you."

"The deer..." He chuckles.

"You are worried about the deer when you are dying?"

"I'm not scared of death. The deer... It's..." I can't bring myself to say it.

"Shh, shh. Lily look at me. Everything's all right. I'm here."

"You are here..."

"Yes. Now, try to drink this." My consciousness shift from present to darkness.

"Good girl." I hear Damon say before I'm out cold again.

I wake up in a hospital room Damon sitting right next to me in a chair. He stood up as I wake up.

"How are you feeling, princess?"

"Fine, I guess. I think I owe you my thanks for saving my life." Damon smirks.

"You can thank me with that kiss we were talking earlier." I sigh and try to sit up.


"Careful, princess. We can do that after you are healed."

"Has anyone called to my parents?"

"They didn't pick up." Damon says angrily. I know that feeling.

"I kind of expected that... So... Who's going to pick me some clothes etc.?"

"I already did." Damon says smiling, satisfied to himself.

"Thanks." I took the bag and look inside. Toothbrush, t-shirt, sweatpants and some toiletries.

"Can I go to shower? I feel really disgusting."

"Sure. I took you." Damon escorts me to the bathroom supporting me the way there.

"Thanks, I can handle it from here."

"Say if you need help." Damon says smirking.

"Out already." I say small smile on my lips. After refreshing shower I put the new clothes on. The t-shirt is a little big.

"I'm ready."

"So it seems. Let's go and ask some food for you. You must be starving."

"How do you know that?"

"Your stomach was really noisy." Damon smirks again as I blush. We go to my room and Damon calls the nurse. As Damon goes with the nurse to get me some food I sit on my bed and wait. What did Damon make me drink anyways? The memory is blurry. Damon comes in with a tray full of my favorite foods.

"How do you know my favorite foods?"

"A secret."

"Well, give it to me already so I can finally eat."

"Have you eaten anything today?"

"At school and morning..."

"It's 11 pm now!"

"Well sorry for getting to an accident when I was getting food." We were quiet as we steady our breath looking each other into eyes. Damon breaths out closing his eyes and takes the tray.

"We're doing this my way. Say 'ahh'~!" he says smirking ear to ear.

"You aren't serious..." I look at Damon terrified.

"Ou, yes I am. Now open that pretty mouth of yours and let me feed you." I grumbled but either way opened slowly my mouth so Damon can feed me. For my defense I was starving. Damon smiled and give me some food to eat and kept that smile on the whole process.

"What are you smiling?"


"...Okay..." Damon gave me more to eat. Then appears a smirk on Damons face.

"You are pretty hard to keep alive." I hit his shoulder but a smile creeps on my lips.

"That wasn't funny."

"Then why are you smiling?"

" 'Cause I have sick sense of humor. Now give me my food already." He gives it still smirking. After I have eaten the last drop of my dinner Damon puts his hands together and says:
"Now then, let's see if the nurse have anything to say about your condition. I'll come back in a moment." He goes and leaves me on my room. I look at my injuries and notice that they don't look so bad anymore. Wow, the drugs must really work. I try to move my legs and they move just fine if you ignore the slight pain. Damon comes in with a nurse and the nurse checks me out as Damon waits patiently on the corner.

"You are healing fast and can probably go home tomorrow."

"Thanks. What ever you have done is working." Damon smirks and comes beside me as the nurse leaves.

"I think it's time for you to go to bed."

"I sleep poorly in hospitals..." The scent feels so suffocating it makes me feel ill.

"Don't worry. I'm here when you wake up. I promise."

"...I guess that's okay. Good enough to try out." I get between the sheets and watch as Damon settles down on a chair next to my bed. It won't take long as exhaustion takes over me and I fall asleep.

I wake up Damon besides me like he promised.

"Hello there. How did you sleep?"

"Fine I guess. Did you sleep?"

"Next to you." he smiles eyes closed.

"Of course you did..."

"But, you are free to go. The nurse come by when you were sleeping."

"Wait... How I'm getting home? I don't have phone with me. Only the wallet and that's in the car what's now somewhere on the road."

"Don't worry. I'll take you home. Damon Salvatore's duty on your service." I giggle and get up with his help. After coming out of the hospital we get into Damon's car and start our way to my home. The way to my house was peaceful and we talked the whole drive. At my porch Damon gives me my wallet he forgot to give me before.


"Your welcome. I'll see you around." he smirks and waves goodbyes. I wave and get inside the house. Finally home. Inside I see my family. Happily eating breakfast. Something inside me snaps as I look at my suppose to be family. No one worried about me how or where I am. Why am I air to everyone? And to my family too? I decide to go to my room alone. I spend my day in my room trying to calm down. Even thought it's been half a day I still haven't calmed down enough to go down and then my brother comes to my room and yells behind me.

"Where's the car? I can't see it on the outside."

"I was on accident if you didn't already see my bandages!"

"...Ou... How about the car?"

"I don't care about the damn car! I was in a car accident!"

"Don't try to be so dramatic. The car was pretty expensive. How you are going to pay that?" That's it! I'm leaving. As I ran out of the house I've been trying to fit in I feel relived. I'm finally outside. That thought on mind I ran to the woods.

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