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Love Story – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Freedom

I wake up in a very bad hangover. Oh god my head... I feel like car has driven over me. Damon is lying next to me still sleeping. I don't remember what I have said last night and hope he doesn't either. The events of yesterday plays on my head. How I wound the bourbon, got a stupid idea and drank as much as I could. Me drinking and dancing with Damon. I'm never drinking again... I can't lose control like that again. I get up and go to change my clothes. I look at the bathroom and decide to go to shower. The scenarios about last nights events plays on my head as I wash my hair. I had clothes on so nothing like that happened. But what I said yesterday is a whole different story. In best scenario I didn't say anything but then there's the change that I said too much... I shouldn't think about that now. I'm not that self-destructive that I was view days ago. The urge is gone as now I can think clearly. Now it just bothers me. Why did I want to kill myself so much? I have all ways thought that suicide is a pathetic thing to do and now I was the one to try it. Or not really. I just thought about it. I shut the shower and find myself a towel. I took my clothes Damon has picked from my house and dress myself as I look sleeping Damon. He has saved me view times. The question is why. Why bother? He doesn't seem like a guy who saves people if he doesn't get something in return. But 'cause I don't know him very well yet I can't really say anything about that. I can't trust him. Not before I hear his motives. I look at the fridge for what to eat. He has bought everything I normally eat. How much has he stalked me? I took the milk, butter and eggs from the fridge and decide to eat an omelette. There is a bowl at the shelf so I took it and the whisk and start to bake the omelette. After mixing I took the frying pan and fried it. Damon stirs at his sleep and wakes up.

"Do vampires eat? If do then I make you one too." I show him the omelette I just bake.

"Yeah, do that." He sits up and leaves the bed. He stands next to me as I bake an omelet to him.

"What's up with you? So cheerful on the morning, miss sunshine."

"Not much. Just decided to live."

"Good thing, I don't need to safe you from yourself anymore."

"Yep, here's your omelette." I give it to him and took mine. I look thought the shelves. If I just find that one thing my morning would be perfect.

"Looking for this?" Damon hands me the chocolate powder.

"Thanks." I say eyes shining. Good morning begins with chocolate-milk. We sit on the little table Damon has on his apartment and eat our breakfast.

"Now that you are not killing yourself you are free to go as you please."

"I am?"


"But you still keep stalking me?"

"I wouldn't say it's stalking..."

"Of course you wouldn't." I took a bite of my omelette.

"That hurts my feelings you know." Damon says playing hurt. I smirk and drink my chocolate-milk.

"Someday I'm going to open you up, you liked it or not."

"Is that a warning?" I say amused. He smirks and says: "That's a promise."

After breakfast I think what to do now that I'm not imprisoned. I still don't want to go home and there's really nowhere I can go. I decide to just go to mall and think about it after I have checked all the shops I need. I put my shoes on and braid my hair. Damon noticed me and asks: "Leaving so soon? Going home?"

"No, shopping. I need something... girly? I don't know. It's summer break so I'm shopping some summer-clothes."

"Can I come with you?"

"You? Shopping?" I look at him amused. That would be fun...

"Yep, with you."

"Well it doesn't really bother me if your with me or not." Damon smiles and took his sunglasses and leather jacket.

"Let's go then." he says and I follow him still amused shaking my head to him.

As we go around the mall looking for clothes, accessories etc. we pass a newspaper stand. 'A car drive into the river! One survived!' I look at the picture and see a surname. Gilbert. Isn't that... Damon wakes me up from my daydream and pushes me on the side.

"Where we go next?"

"Ah, let's go there." I look at the shop near us. It's not my problem. I just don't think about it now. I look at the things I bought. A lace top, a skirt and view shirts. I forgot what I saw and continued to walking around shops, now a little down. Even thought I didn't think about it, it still haunted me. Suddenly I bump into Damon.

"S- Sorry."

"Are you all right? You have been so quiet..."

"Everything's all right. Just that... My classmates parents died..."

"And that make you think about your own parents?"

"... Yeah..."

"It's okay. I'm here." he says smiling and I smile too a little. Maybe it's all right.

"What do you want to do? Go home? Stay at my place?"

"... I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"I don't know." We stand there looking at each others silently. I don't know what to do. I don't want to go back to home and I cant really live with Damon the rest of my life. Then I made my decision.

"I go back to home." Damon just smiles and nods.

At my front door I stop. What should I say? Has they been worried? Did they even notice that I was gone? I take a breath and open the door.

"I'm home." I hear no answer. I walk to the kitchen and see my parents talking.

"We should tell her, already. She's 17, almost adult. She has the right to know."

"You're right dear. We should tell her once she comes home."

"Tell what?" I ask as I walk into the room quietly.

"Lily. You're home. How was your visit?" Visit? Did Damon say something? Or do some vampire trick?

"Fine, I guess... But what were you talking about?" They look into each other and my mom looks at me as he begins.

"17 years earlier to our terrace appeared a basket. Then our 5 year old Hector found the basket and bought us to look at it. In the basket were a baby. That baby... was you, Lily."

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