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Love Story – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Captured

(Lily's pov)

Next morning as I wake up, the first thing I see is Damon's ice blue eyes.


"Good morning to you too, princess."

"Oh my good! I don't have shirt!"

"And now you remember..."

"You were looking at my chest!"

"Well, I'm a guy." I sigh and get out of the bed. I put my now dried shirt on and look at Damon darkly.

"How long are you going to keep me here? It's not like I will tell anyone what you are."

"Why are you so negative? Why won't you open up a little?"

"I'm not someone you can play with and I'm not taking any risks. And your being attracts trouble."

"Trust me a little." he says smirking but it falters.

"I'm never trusting anyone." And then I leave to the bathroom. I'm not thinking him. Not right now. I won't let him mock me. Not after what he had done. I can't get a panic attack. Not with Damon here. I try to breath slowly but it's no use. Only one name rings on my head as I collapse in the ground. Ethan.

I wake up when someone calls for me.

"Lily! Wake up! Please, open you eyes."

"No, no more... I can't..."

"Lily, everything's all right." I open my eyes and look around me if Ethan is still around. When I don't find him I sigh in relief.

"He's not here..."

"Of course there isn't anybody else here. But who do you mean?" I sit up.

"No one."


"It's no one. Forget this."

"Is he the reason you are like this?" I keep my mouth shut as I don't know what to say.

"I see. I'm not going to worse you say it."

"...Thank you..." I get up on touch my head. I feel a little dizzy.

"Uh.. You okay?" I nod and get out of the bathroom Damon following me.

"I'm going to buy you some food so don't try to escape again. You know what happened the last time..."

"Okay, okay... I try not to kill myself this time." Damon gives me one last look and then he's gone. And what I do? I try to find something to kill time. Then I find just what I need under Damon's bed.

"Lily, what do you want to eat? I have chicken, salad... What are you doing with that bottle?" Damon points at the bourbon bottle in my hand.

"Just drinking." I take another gulp of alcohol. It doesn't taste so bad after view bottles.

"I want music. Let's dance!" Damon looks at me as I go to the stereos and pick up some radio channel.

"You are drunk."

"Maybe a little." I giggle at Damon's expression. Serious look on Damon's face is just hilarious. I dance as I put the volume high, not having any worries for a first time in my life. Maybe I should get drunk more often.

"You really shouldn't drink that much. Is this your first time?"

"Yep, and I love it!" I shout and laugh out loud. Damon shut's the stereo down and makes me sit on the bed with him.

"Would you tell me what's this all about?" I shake my head and Damon sights.

"I don't want to think about Ethan, I want to dance." I get up and motion Damon to do the same.

"Well, let's dance." Damon put's the stereos on and we dance. Damon drinks too and as we're both wasted the last thing I remember before blacking out is Damon saying something like: "What has he done to you..."

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