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Psycho – Prologue

Berry: This is American Horror Story fanfiction from the Murder House. Also an OC x Tate L. fanfiction. Give it a change. Maybe you like it. Sorry my bad English. Enjoy. 

I only own my characters Hailey and her mother.

(Tate's pov)

Years has passed since Violet died and she still hates me. She won't talk to me and neither would I try anymore. I have given up. Violet hates me and I can't bring myself to do anything about it. I have lost all hope. I watch boredly as the men brings boxes and furnitures inside the house. A new family moves in to the Murder House. I chuckle darkly. Maybe I can pull some fun from them.

After a view days, car pulls into the yard. A girl my age comes from the backseat as the older woman yells behind her. She's beautiful. She has long and curly chocolate brown hair and heart shaped face. The girl looks up to the house and sees me. I step back at a shock. Those bright green eyes were full of sorrow. Interesting. I go to find the girl and see she has picked my old room. I look interested at her as she looks trough the boxes and picks up drawings and places them on the wall. I look at the drawings and see interesting pictures. One in particular is about a monster-like-thing. In the corner was a thing that has three slender fingers in each of its limb. It didn't have a face and it was really skinny. Its limbs were thin and long. It head was pear shaped. I looked at the drawing deep in thought. The thing was named 'Jerry'. I looked at the girl who was now sitting on the bed looking at the ceiling. She chuckles by herself. What was so funny? I looked at the ceiling but didn't see anything in particular. The girl took a sketchbook and started to draw. I watched over her shoulder as she drew. She drew the same thing I was just watching a view seconds ago. I looked around her/my room. She had a bookshelf full of books inside. I looked trought the books and find interesting books. Asylum. Clockwork Orange. Edgar Allan Poe. And other interesting books. This girl is special. I can feel it.

Next view weeks I observe the family. They has a small family. Only the girl, Hailey, and her mother. Her mom is barely home and when she is home, she ignores and avoids Hailey. I have learned that Hailey's mother is a stern woman who doesn't believe in supernatural or anything that sort. Hayley in the other hand never leaves the house. I haven't seen her enter the house once. Doesn't she has school? I try to understand why she haven't left and watch her as she eats breakfast. I haven't introduced myself to Hayley yet. I have thought the right way to do it. She's an interesting girl. Sometimes she talks to herself and looks in front of her for a long time. Interesting, I thought to myself as I watch her. After eating she starts her daily routines. She tooks her sketchbook and starts to draw. She's good at drawing. After hours of drawing she goes to her laptop and surfs in the internet. I look at the screen behind her. She writes a story at her computer. I have read bits of parts of there and there. She likes to write horror stories. As the days went by the desire grew stronger. I want to know her, be part of her world. But I have to think this trough. I can't scare her away from me like I scared Violet. I can't make the same mistake again.

Berry: So that's the prologue of the story. Tell me what you think on the comments. I will continue my other stories when I have the inspiration to do them. 

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